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Post Wed Aug 23, 2017 1:18 pm

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2017-2018 A Pool Schedule


BSR @ Wick
Burgess @ Crane
NASA @ Buff


Buff @ Crane
NASA @ Burgess
BYE: Wick

Crane @ BSR
Burgess @ WV
Buff @ Wick


Burgess @ Buff
Crane @ Wick


Wick @ Burgess
WV @ Buff
BYE: Crane

Wick @ WV
BSR @ Burgess
Crane @ NASA
BYE: Buff

Floater matches: Buff @ BSR, Wick @ NASA, WV @ Crane


1) WV 2-0 ---- 42.5/69 ---- .616
2) Wick 2-0 --- 35.5/64 --- .555
3) Crane 2-1 --- 67.5/112 --- .603
4) Burgess 1-2 --- 46.5/104 --- .447
5) Buff 1-2 --- 51.5/116 --- .444
6) BSR 1-2 --- 44/109 --- .404
7) NASA 0-2 --- 31.5/74 --- .426
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Post Sun Oct 29, 2017 6:40 pm

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Team NASA vs. Team Buffumville

FINAL: Team Buff 23.5 - Team NASA 14.5

David Stidham Disc Golf Course at Buffumville Dam, October 21, 2017. A crisp morning turned into an unseasonably warm day with little wind, as Team Buffumville hosted Team NASA for the first time in recent memory. Great to see old friends and meet new ones while eating and drinking good (the whole point). Even when the match was decided four players continued on with a 9 hole dubs playoff, with the NASA dubs team taking down that final match more than an hour after the rest of the players were off the course. Great day to start the season with a reminder of what NETC is all about.

Round 1 – Singles Match Play - Buff 12.5, NASA 6.5:

Buff Singles Wins:
Donny Tellier def. Andrew Nudelman 8+7 Buff
Keith Burtt def. Mike Andrews 6+5 Buff
Mark Chappalonis def. Bill Stewart 6+4 Buff
Nick Economos def. Paul Couture 5+3 Buff
Mindy LaFontaine def. Michelle Smith 4+3 Buff
Steve Economos def. John Mucciarone 4+3 Buff
Ryan Sullivan def. John Tserpes 4+2 buff
Dave Hickson def. Jason Powers 3+2 Buff
Jay Nourse def. THE JEREL 2 Up Buff
Justin White def. Sean Curcio 1 Up Buff
Bill Person def. Ned Eisenberg 1 Up Buff
Josh Connor def. Noah Proctor 1 Up Buff

NASA Singles Wins:
Daniel Marcus def. Peter Bean 8+6 NASA
Matt Stroika def. Joe Yaskis 6+5 NASA
Matt Thomas def. Jeff Chauvin 1up NASA
Raivis Markons-Craig def. Matt Kobel 3+2 NASA
Tony Cavalieri def. Milton Morse 3+1 NASA
Kelly Jenkins def. Wendy Boutin 1 Up NASA

Singles Push:
DJ Bernard – Chad Hall (SPLIT)

Round 2 – Doubles Stroke Play - Buff 11, NASA 8:

Buff Doubles Wins
Jay Nourse & Donny Tellier def. Chad Hall & Ned Eisenberg 49-51 Buff
DJ Bernard & Justin White def. THE JEREL & Matt Thomas 50-50 (playoff) Buff
Mark Chappalonis & Peter Bean def. Raivis Markons-Craig & Andrew Nudelman 52-55 Buff
Dave Hickson & Nick Economos def. Jim Wills & Paul Couture 45-51 Buff
Steve Economos & Joe Yaskis def. Wolf & Sean Curcio 49-50 Buff

NASA Doubles Wins
Tony C. & Stroika def. Ryan Sullivan and Keith Burtt 46-50 NASA
Daniel Marcus & Tserpes def. Josh Connor and Jeff Chauvin 52-55 NASA
Noah Proctor & Mike Andrews def. Bill Person & Matt Kobel (9 hole playoff) NASA
Michelle Smith & Kelly Jenkins def. Erin Tivnan & Mindy LaFontaine NASA

Second Round Singles Match:
Tim Carter def. John Mucciarone Buff


Post Sun Oct 29, 2017 8:36 pm

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Did not play for Buff: Jeremy Binley, Nick Carl

Did not play for NASA: Dan Oulette


Post Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:25 am

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Maine BSR at Team Wick 10/29/17 at Wickham Park
Sasha def Ashley 4 w 3
M.J. def Kristi 6 w 4
Nick Blouin def Jack Nickel 3 w 2
Josh Seeley def Marvin 6 w 5
Mitch Blouget def Brandon Shaw 3 w 2

Maine 5

Dan Hale def Nathan Vintinner 3 w 2
Shane Peters def Brian Brewer 2 w 1
Greg Wintrob def Daryl Cormier 6 w 5
Colin Keucherer def Bob Brooks 4 w 3
James Bress def Andrew Wilcox 8 w 6
Andrew Tabs def Andrew Jones 1up
Abel Rodrigues def Ryan Bourque 1 up
Jesse Carrieri def Jamie White 3 w 1
Bobby Cowperthwait def Chris Lemieux 9 w 8

Wick 9


Sasha/MJ def Ashley/Wendy
Wilcox/Seeley def Jesse/Marvin - playoff
Jones/Mitch 50 def Shane/Abel 53

Maine 6

Greg/Tabs 49 def Blouin/Brooks 53
Bobby/Colin def White/Bourque - playoff
Shaw/Nickel 48 def Vintinner/Lemieux 58
Bress/Hale 52 def Cormier/Brewer 54

Wick 8

Final Wick 17 - Maine BSR 11

Didn't play for Maine BSR - Grady, Legee, Nichols, Enman, O'Connell, Olsen, Douin
Didn't play for Wick - Mullen, Bayer, Ditter, Brunell, Davidson, Lateurrer, Willard, Mack

Post Mon Oct 30, 2017 10:49 am

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Burgess @ Crane, Saturday October 28, 2017

Cool morning but uncharacteristically warm (68 degrees) by mid afternoon. Burgess rolled light, forcing Crane to sit 9 different players throughout the day. Crockpots were bountiful and a good time was had by all.

Singles, A short layout, Singles Match Play

Cam Gallant def Andy King, 8&7 Crane
Nathan Eckhoff def Ralph DiMonte, 6&4 Crane
Micah Franzman def Dave Redlund, 4&3 Crane
Steve Tousignant def Jamie Hall, 4&2 Crane
Pete Charron def Joel Lockwood, 3&2 Crane
Sean Pennington def Tony DiMonte, 3&1 Crane
Kelly Conroy def Matt Talbot, 2&1 Crane
Kyle Moriarty def Drew Austin, 2&1 Crane
Drew Gardner def Dan Maloney, 2&1 Crane

Sarah Alves def Julie Ferdella, 4&3 Burgess
Alex Maloney def Jordan Leckey, 4&2 Burgess
Ian Warner def Jay Paul, 3&2 Burgess
Erica Johnson def Carli Bennett, 3&1 Burgess
Todd Lapham def Jake Landeck, 3&1 Burgess
Joey Antosca def Mike Phaneuf, 2 UP Burgess

Jeff Fleury Push Ben Hedderig
Juano Flores Push Brian Harrington

Singles Crane 10, Burgess 7

Doubles, B long layout, Stroke play

Cam Gallant and Nathan Eckhoff 48 def Brian Harrington and Alex Maloney 49 Crane
Kyle Moriarty and Drew Gardner 48 def Andy King and Dave Redlund 54 Crane
Jeff Fleury and Pat Mahar 50 def Joey Antosca and Jamie Hall 53 Crane
Pete Charron and Mike Phaneuf 50 def Ian Warner and Tony DiMonte 53 Crane
Jeff Lingenfelter and Josh Belliveau 52 def Dan Maloney and Ben Hedderig 52 Crane (1 hole playoff)
Julie Ferdella and Carli Bennett 58 def Erica Johnson and Sarah Alves 60 Crane

Ralph DiMonte and Drew Austin 50 def Kelly Conroy and Juano Flores 52 Burgess
Todd Lapham and Matt Talbot 53 def Steve Tousignant and Micah Franzman 55 Burgess
Joel Lockwood 61 def Chris Barden 62 Burgess

Crane 12, Burgess 5


Did not play for Crane: Eric Kretschmar
Did not play for Burgess: Lucas Brewer, Paul Cotton
Eric Kretschmar
Team Crane Hill captain

Post Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:28 am

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NASA @ Team Burgess – 11/11/17


Matt Stroika def Dave Redlund, 5&4 NASA
Kelly Jenkins def Erica Johnson, 5&4 NASA
Nicholas Liguori def Todd Lapham, 4&3 NASA
Jim Wills def Andy King, 4&3 NASA
Chad Hall def Joel Lockwood, 3&2 NASA
Noah Proctor def Ralph DiMonte, 3&1 NASA
Tony Cavalieri def Justin Vermillion, 2&1 NASA
Jason Powers def Tony DiMonte, 2up NASA
Raivis Markons-Craig def Matt Medeiros, 2up NASA

Paul Cotton def Daniel Marcus, 6&4 Burgess
Drew Austin def Danny Rosana, 6&4 Burgess
Sarah Alves def Michelle Smith, 5&3 Burgess
Ian Warner def John Tserpes, 5&3 Burgess
Matt Talbot def Ned Eisenberg, 5&3 Burgess
Brian Harrington def Mike Andrews, 4&3 Burgess
Danny Maloney def Paul Couture, 3&2 Burgess
Jamie Hall def Matt Thomas, 2&1 Burgess
Ben Hedderig def Andrew Nudelman, 2up Burgess

Score after singles: NASA 9, Team Burgess 9


Ned Eisenberg/Matt Thomas def Tony DiMonte/Matt Talbot 46-46 (5 hole playoff) NASA
Daniel Marcus/Kelly Jenkins def Ben Hedderig/Erica Johnson 46-47 NASA
Raivis Markons-Craig/Andrew Nudelman def Todd Lapham/Justin Vermillion 43-45 NASA
Danny Rosana/Mike Andrews def Drew Austin/Ralph DiMonte 47-48 NASA

Brian Harrington/Sarah Alves def Jason Powers/Michelle Smith 46-49 Burgess
Ian Warner/Paul Cotton def Matt Stroika/Tony Cavalieri 42-43 Burgess
Danny Maloney/Matt Medeiros def Noah Proctor/Nick Liguori 43-45 Burgess
Jamie Hall/Joel Lockwood def Jim Wills/Paul Couture 42-45 Burgess
Dave Redlund/Andy King def John Tserpes/Chad Hall 48-48 (5 hole playoff) Burgess

Score after doubles: 10-8 Team Burgess

Total score: 19-17 Team Burgess

NASA didn’t play:
Jerel Davis
Daniel Ouellet
Sean Curcio
John Mucciarone
Bill Stewart

Team Burgess didn't play:
Alex Maloney
Lucas Brewer
Joey Antosca
Team Burgess OG and C

Post Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:06 pm

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Chris Olsen def Ryan Bourque 3&2
Adam Asselin def Bobby Brooks 4&2
Jason Toothy def Andrew Wilcox 3&2
Caleb Biggers def Nate Vintinner 2&1
Mike Abbott def Alex Olsen 2&1
Jacob Fowlie def Pat O'Connell 4&3
Bryan Sheets def Mitch Blodgett 2UP
Gary Ellsworth def Jamie White 1UP
Jimmy Bouffard def Brian Brewer 5&4
Jason Dore def Josh Seeley 6&5
Mike FYF(e) def Tyler Grady 3&2
Nicole Dionisio def Sasha Stetson 6&5
Sam Bouffard def MJ Davis 6&5

Nick Blouin def Darby O'Leary 4&2
Andrew Jones def Sean Stanton 3&2
Chris Lemieux def George Palmer 2&1
Kieran Nichols def Dave T-Bo 2&1
Coop Legee def Greg Estabrook 1UP


Pickle(N.D.)/Sam def MJ/Sasha 51-52
Floyd(A.A.) def Lem 62-51
Toothy/Beefy(S.S.) def Brewer/Jones 45-46
Esty(G.E.)/Sheets def Coop/Bobby 41-44
Fowlie/FYF(e) def Olsen/Blouin 42-46
Abbott/GaryL def White/Bourque 40-45

Kieran/Pat def Olsen/Darby 41-46
Seeley/Mitch def Dore/George 42-44
Vinny/Grady def Biggers/JimmyB 43-46



Fun day, and we wish our fellow Mainers the best of luck the rest of the season!

Post Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:06 pm

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Buff @ Crane, Saturday November 18, 2017

Huge, early season battle with a large turnout (21 V 21). Cold morning, rain held off until late into the doubles round.

Singles, A short layout, Singles Match Play

Pete Charron def Dave Hickson, 7&6 Crane
Jay Paul def Tim Carter, 6&4 Crane
Kyle Moriarty def Justin White, 6&4 Crane
Carli Bennett def Mindy Lafontaine, 5&4 Crane
Cam Gallant def Ryan Sullivan, 5&3 Crane
Julie Ferdella def Fallon Enman, 4&3 Crane
Jake Landeck def Josh Connor, 3&2 Crane
Micah Franzman def DJ Bernard, 3&1 Crane
Mike Phaneuf def Peter Bean, 2&1 Crane
Jeff Fleury def Nick Carl, 2&1 Crane
Sean Pennington def Steve Economos, 1 UP Crane

Matt Kobel def Josh Belliveau, 6&5 Buff
Nick Economos def Kelly Conroy, 5&4 Buff
Jeremy Binley def Jeff Lingenfelter, 3&1 Buff
Mark Chapalonis def Jordan Leckey, 2 UP Buff
Joe Yaskis def Drew Gardner, 2 UP Buff
Jeff Chauvin def Pat Mahar, 1 UP Buff
Jason Nourse def Chris Barden, 1 UP Buff

Juano Flores Push Donny Tellier
Nathan Eckhoff Push Keith Burtt
Steve Tousignant Push Milton Morse

Singles Crane 12.5, Buff 8.5

Doubles, B long layout, Stroke play

Jeff Fleury and Steve Tousignant 49 def Ryan Sullivan and Keith Burtt 53 Crane
Nathan Eckhoff and Pat Mahar 49 def Peter Bean and Nick Carl 53 Crane
Kelly Conroy and Jake Landeck 50 def Jeff Chauvin and Donny Tellier 52 Crane
Mike Phaneuf and Jordan Leckey 51 def Jay Nourse and Dave Hickson 55 Crane
Pete Charron and Chris Barden 52 def Tim Carter and Milton Morse 62 Crane
Micah Franzman and Sean Pennington 53 def Mark Chapalonis and DJ Bernard 53 Crane (1 hole playoff)
Drew Gardner and Juano Flores 54 def Steve Economos and Justin White 56 Crane
Kyle Moriarty and Julie Ferdella 55 def Nick Economos and Fallon Enman 56 Crane
Jeff Lingenfelter and Josh Belliveau 55 def Jeremy Binley and Josh Connor 58 Crane
Carli Bennett 61 def Mindy Lafontaine 77 Crane

Joe Yaskis and Matt Kobel 50 def Cam Gallant and Jay Paul 51 Buff

Doubles Crane 19, Buff 2


Did not play for Crane: Eric Kretschmar
Did not play for Buff: Billy Person
Eric Kretschmar
Team Crane Hill captain

Post Tue Dec 05, 2017 9:04 am

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Wick Vs. Buff at Park City Bridgeport 12/3/17

Sullivan def Bayer - 7+5 Buff
Chapalonis def Hale - 2 up Buff
Person def Mullen - 2 up Buff
Binley def Davidson - 2 + 1 Buff
Nourse def Brunnell - 6 + 4 Buff
Bernard def Mack - 5 + 4 Buff
Bean def Willard - 3 + 1 Buff
Wendy def Ashley - 5 + 4 Buff
Mindy def Kristi - 2 + 1 Buff

Tellier push Keucherer

Bress def S. Eco - 2 + 1 Wick
Ditter def Carl - 1 up Wick
Wintrob def Burtt - 3 + 2 Wick
Abel def Hickson - 4 + 3 Wick
Marvin def Chauvin - 2 + 1 Wick
Shaw def N.Eco - 5 + 4 Wick
Bobby def Yaskis - 6 + 5 Wick
Jesse def Connor - 3 + 2 Wick

Singles Buff 9.5 Wick 8.5

N.Eco and Wendy 53 def Abel and Ashley 55 Buff
Sullivan and Mindy 49 def Jesse and Kristi 57 Buff
Nourse and Bernard 49 def Mullen and Davidson 54 Buff
Yaskis and S.Eco 49 def Tabz and Wintrob 50 Buff

Hale and Keucherer 45 def Tellier and Carl 48 Wick
Shaw and Marvin 45 def Bean and Chapalonis 51 Wick
Bress and Lateurrer 47 def Hickson and Person 48 Wick
Bobby and Bayer 49 def Binley and Burtt 50 Wick
Ditter and Brunnell 52 def Chauvin and Connor 52 in playoff Wick

Doubles Buff 8 Wick 10

Buff 17.5 Wick 18.5

Didn't play for Wick - Peters, Nickel
Didn't play for Buff - Kobel, White, Morse, Carter

Post Fri Dec 08, 2017 10:50 am

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Burgess @ WV

Jeff Kozaka def Ben Hedderig 3&2
Darby O'Leary def Ian Warner 4&3
Brendan Johnson def Jamie Hall 3&2
Jim Bouffard def Joe A 1up
Gary Ellsworth def Erik Pleso 3&2
Jason Dore def Matt Medeiros 3&2
Sam Bouffard def Sarah Alves 4&3

Troy Manni def Sean Stanton 2&1
Ralph DiMonte def Greg Estabrook 1up
Dan Maloney def Bryan Sheets 3&1
Joel Lockwood def Jason Toothy 2up
Paul Cotton def Dave T-Bo 3&2
Todd Lapham def Mike FYFe 3&2
Erica Johnson def Nicole Dionisio 1up

Matt Talbot push Caleb Biggers
Brian Harrington push Greg Hinkley


Erica def Pickle 53-57
Sarah/Brian def Sam/Darby 46-47
Dan/Ralph def T-Bo/Jimmy 41-43
Redlund/Talbot def Fyfe/Palmer 41-43

Sheets/Esty def Jamie/Joe 44-47
Zaka/Caleb def Ian/Paul 41-46
Brendan/Hinkley def Joel/Erik 42-44
Fowlie/GaryL def Todd/Troy 40-42
Jdore/Toothy def Ben/Matt 41-45



[insert obligatory "great guys, great times" quote here]

Post Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:02 pm

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Crane Hill @ BSR


Daryl Cormier over Penny 2&1
Josh Seeley over Lingen 3&2
Andrew Jones over Eckhoff 2up
Pat O'Connell over Belly 3&2
Josh Douin over Tous 4&3
Nick Blouin over Kelly 4&3
Kieran Nichols over Kretschy 6&4
Cooper Legee over Phaneuf 4&3
Tyler Grady over Leckey 2&1

Ryan Bourque pushes Fleury
Alex olsen pushes Cam

Pete C over Nathan Vintinner 4&3
Drew over Tye Cobb 6&4
Barden over Brian Brewer 1up
Jay P. over Chris Lemieux 1up
Kyle M. over Matt Enman 2up
Jujee over Jess Beckett(fill in) 2&1
Carli over MJ 1up

Singles Totals
BSR 10 Crane Hill 8


Post Wed Dec 27, 2017 12:07 pm

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Jamie - Did you guys not play dubz?

Post Tue Jan 16, 2018 11:28 am

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1/14/18 Woodland Valley @ NASA

Sean Stanton def Bill Stewart 5&4
Greg Estabrook def. Raivis Markons-Craig 3&1
Bryan Sheets def. Jerel Davis 3&1
George Palmer def. Sean Curcio 2&1
Gary Ellsworth def. Jason Powers 6&4
Jeff Kowzaka def. Tony Cavalieri 5&4
Brendan Johnson def. Matt Thomas 2&1
Caleb Biggers def. Noah Proctor 5&4
Jacob Fowlie def. Danny Rosana 5&4
Jason Dore def. Matt Stroika 3&2
Chris Olsen def. John Mucciarone 2&1
Sam Bouffard def. Michelle Smith 4&3

Nick Liguori & Mike Fyfe all square
Kelly Jenkins & Nicole Dionisio all square

Mike Andrews def. Darby O'Leary 1 up
Chad Hall def. Adam Asselin 4&3
John Tserpes def. Jim Bouffard 271
Ned Eisenberg def. Jeff Hinkley 4&3
Andrew Nudelman def. Matt Sroka 1 up
Jim Wills def. Dave Thibeault 4&3
Daniel Marcus def. Mike Abbott 2&1

Score after singles WV 13, NASA 8

Darby & Sroka def. Raivis & Noodles 44-45
Sheets & Esty def. Rosana & Andrews 47-47*
Bouff & T-Bo def. Ocho & Donkey 46-49
Caleb & Zaka def. Wolf & Cupcake 44-49
Dore & Hinkley def. Wills & Paul Couture 46-47
Sam & Pickle def. Kelly & Smitty 55-58

Jerel & Mucci def. Beefy & Fyfe 49-50
Stew & Daniel def. Brendan & Floyd 48-52
Nick & Noah def. Toothy & Palmer 48-53
Tony & Stroika def. Fowlie & Olsen 45-45*
Ned & Thomas def. Abbott & Garyl 43-46

Doubles score WV 12, NASA 10

Final score WV 25, NASA 18

* playoff hole(s)

WV agreed to play 22 players after first round of 21 players.

No players missed the challenge.
Stew=William Holmes Stewart V
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