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Post Sat Aug 05, 2017 6:47 pm

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Teams must pay their dues and post their roster before their first match or October 1st, which ever occurs first! Post your rosters below. Please use peoples real names.

D pool dues are $207.00 per team, $200 for the finals and $7.00 for web hosting.

2Buff - PAID
Burgess B - PAID
Chainsbury - PAID
Devens Redtails - PAID
Lufbery - PAID
Tolland - PAID
Webster - PAID
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Pete Violet
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Post Thu Aug 24, 2017 11:26 am

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TEAM WEBSTER Team is gonna be yuuuuuuuuge this year

1. Aaron Kaczowka (Captain)
2. Dan Valerio (Captain)
3. Chris Mattson
4. Erik Zarazinski
5. Jimmy Cokely
6. Keith Benson
7. Kevin Gardner
8. Gage Benson
9. Devon Labelle
10. Korey Fournier
11. Pete Stone
12. Sean Echlin
13. Marc Duci
14. Ed Rose
15. Torr Bylund
16. Scott Wilson
17. Paul Leichara
18. Jake Fougere
19. Seth Griggs
20. Nick Olson

W. Alyssa Kerr
W. Amanda Williams

Edit 8/26/17 filling out the roster with Seth and Nick
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Team Webster Captain
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Post Mon Sep 04, 2017 10:48 am

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Team Tolland - Roster

1-Les Sinnock (Captain) 860-967-8942
2-John Mayo (Co-Captain) 860-682-5724
3-David Wollner
4-Chris Gelsomini
5-Mike Ellis
6-Max Jones
7-Daniel Depinto
8-Tyler Cox
9-Chris Spear
10-Rikki Jarvis
11-Dave Mourad
12-Andy Matika
13-Eric Desmaris
14-Shane Therien
15-Scott Yeo
16-Melvin Rivera
17-Zachary Bloom
18-Bryant Zilinski
19-Jesse Vaillancourt
20-Joshua Tamo (out due to season ending injury) Add Shane Laughran 11/10/17
21-Briana Ford - W
22-Tara Sherwood - W
23-Kellie Marie - W
C Pool Commissioner

Team Tolland

Post Mon Sep 25, 2017 11:27 am

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Blue Bandits Roster (Burgess):

Anthony Picciandra
Arden Lockwood
Cheneille Young (W)
Chris Papoi
Dan Goncalves
David Kosharek
Dylan Rounds
Jacob Fuller
James Robertson
Matt Judge
Jason Lunn
John Tewskbury
John Barboza
Kary Buckley
Lilian Russon (W) (C: 508 681 2103)
Melissa Turk (W)
Mike Allen
Mike Hennen
Pete Mackin
Seth Nickerson
Spencer Shedd
Tyler Francis
Zach Bernier

Jason Buja (c) (not on roster)

First roster move: drop Jason Buja and add Matt Judge
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Post Fri Sep 29, 2017 12:33 pm

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2017/18 TOPO Turkeys
(playing out of Top O' The Hill DGC in Canterbury, NH)

1) Dan Albert
2) Mesean Anderson (W)
3) Jim Bailey
4) Edwin Bedell
5) Casey Besaw
6) Tyler Colby
7) Eddie Crease
8) Hank Davis
9) Tucker Davis
10) Ira Divoll (Co-Captain)
11) Alan Gofberg
12) Connor Griffin
13) Mike Habets
14) Meadow Hartwell (W)
15) Katie Jenkins (W)
16) Isaac Kipp
17) Ryan Lemieux
18) Ryan Metivier (Co-Captain)
19) Matt Persechino
20) Chana Stevens (W)
21) Charlie Veysey
22) Tony Webb
23) Cody White

Gobble Gobble!

Post Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:10 pm

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Updated 10/18. As of now this is our official roster please double check if you scouted anything prior to now. 4 open male spots because they aren't attending the first match

1.Ryan kasprzycki
2. Tom mielke
3.Brian dalke
4.bob pallace
5.Ryan dolan
6.Ty bucetti
7.John nolan
8.Mark lyons
9.Tyler season
10.Dan flavin
11.Mike morin
12. Adam jaworski
13. Jake nearine
14.Joe mead
15. Eric maurer
16. Golbert isern
17. Scott rogalski
18. Jeff tranquist
19. Robbie massores
20. Alex dimaio

Robin jaworski
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Co captain team lufberry

Post Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:20 pm

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Alex Chmielinski - co-c
Peter Chmielinski - co-c
Brandon Bowen - co-c
Joshua DaSilva - co-c
Jayson Davis - c
TJ Gansenberg - co-c
Ryan Goodwin - c
Matthew Livermore - co-c
James MacRae - co-c
Timothy Meehan - co-c
Ben Naismith - co-c
Nick Nealon - co-c
Chris Noreika - co-c
Mat Sanders - co-c
Trevor Scanlon - co-c
Andy Seidel - co-c
Jaxon Sheehy - co-c
Andrew Kidd Snowdon Stegelmann - co-c
Franklin Sullivan - co-c
Jimmy Towey - co-c
Becky Savard - W/co-c
Shi-Min Chin - W/co-c
Chantal Gipson - W/co-c

edited roster to reflect change in leadership -- Jayson Davis and Ryan Goodwin taking on captain duties
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Post Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:43 pm

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Pete Violet
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Post Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:01 pm

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2 Buff roster:

1. Jeff Yetter (Captain)
2. Nate Grimes (Captain)
3. Shane Rookey
4. Tom cole
5. Nate davis
6. Vaughn hammond
7. Mike Nelson
8. Mike Hester
9. Ryan Begley
10. Matt grayum
11. Brad Howard
12. Chris Moulton
13. Gavin murphy
14. Jake gould
15. Nick kindler
16. Ryan dery
17. Oliver Kelley
18. bruce christian
19. Brian Fritze
20. Pat Brunelle
21. katie oconnor
22. Molly krause

Post Sat Sep 30, 2017 11:34 am

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This is a duplicate post from Pete's above. Pete, do you want to delete your post with our roster to eliminate confusion? Thanks for putting it up!

Devens Red Tails Roster:

Ryan Shevlin (c)
Adam Abruzzi (c)
Joe DeCarolis (a)
Same Gaddes (a)
Dean Onners
Angel Vega
Avery Sartelle
Dave Mullet
Chris Pickering
Ben Maxwell
Jesse Cleary
Arthur Blanchard
Pete Penniman
Justin Kent
Nick Erickson
Adam Stander
Nick Glendenning
Chris Mergemekes
Anthony Frongillo
Dan McWilliams
Kim Krieser
Fallon Enman

Affiliated female: Kristina Draeger from Team Barre in PIP

Ryan Shevlin - TEAM DRT

Post Fri Nov 10, 2017 4:51 pm

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Team Tolland is using it's first roster move and will drop Josh Tamo (due to season ending injury) and will add Shane Laughran. I will update the roster above.
C Pool Commissioner

Team Tolland

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