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2017 A Pool Finals Location - Saturday, April 8, 2017

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Cranbury has chosen Warwick Town Park as the location for A Pool finals on Saturday, April 8, 2017.

Layouts for singles and doubles to be announced closer to the actual date.
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Smolin, please post official layouts for Warwick finals here. Even though I believe no ill intent, this should still act as the official place we keep real info related to TC and finals.

Also, I believe we all know this, but round 1 is Maple (6) vs Cran (3) and Buff (4) vs Burgess (5). Good luck
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The layouts will be B-S for singles matchplay (and women's doubles) and S-B for doubles.

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as promised ... full results below for A Pool ...

New England Team Challenge - A Pool Finals
Location - Warwick Town Park, Warwick, NY
Layouts: Singles on Blue-Silver, Doubles on Silver-Blue, with all matches playing Hole 12 Silver-Silver due to water

Round 1

Cranbury (3) vs. Maple Hill (6)

Chris Gluchoski def. Matt Sroka - Cran
Mario Rodriguez def. Mark Valis - Cran
John Cooper def. Brian Thompson - Cran
Chris Scofield def. Shahin Azarbin - Cran
Adam Hunt def. Mike Zorovich - Cran
Marvin Manalo/Sean Healy def. Shaun LaForce/Justin White - Cran
Bard Soleng/Jeff Cahill def. Greg Aucoin/Andrew Streeter - Cran
Bobby Cowperthwait/Connor Healy def. Gage Benson/Jeremiah Lyons - Cran

John Williston def. Sean Bednarz - Maple
Steve Dodge def. Joe Gara - Maple
Gary Cyr def. Derek Libby - Maple
Wendy/Erin LaForce def. Maureen McErlean/Christine Glowa - Maple

Cranbury 11
Maple 5

Buffumville (4) vs. Burgess (5)

DJ Bernard def. Sarah Alves - Buff (Burgess receives penalty bonus point)
Peter Bean def. Jamie Hall - Buff
Keith Burtt def. Ian Warner - Buff
Donny Tellier def. Matt Medeiros - Buff
Peter Givens/Matt Kobel def. Ralph Dimonte/Drew Austin - Buff
Dave Hickson/Nick Carl def. Lucas Brewer/Paul Cotton - Buff
Mark Chapolonis/Ryan Sullivan def. Danny Maloney/Joel Lockwood - Buff

Erica Johnson def. Mindy Lafontaine - Burgess
Dave Redlund def. Milton Morse - Burgess
Ben Hedderig def. Josh Connor - Burgess
Andy King def. Tim Carter - Burgess
Brian Harrington/Todd Lapham def. JayNo/Billy Person - Buff

Tony Dimonte/Matt Talbot tied Joe Yaskis/Steve Economos (1 point each)

Buffumville 11
Burgess 8 (7 wins plus penalty point for playing second woman)

Round 2

Crane Hill (1) vs. Buffumville (4)

Drew Gardner def. DJ Bernard - Crane
Juano Flores def. Billy Person - Crane
Steve Tousignant def. Josh Connor - Crane
Micah Franzman def. Tim Carter - Crane
Carli Bennett def. Mindy Lafontaine - Crane
Chris Howard/Nate Eckhoff def. Dave Hickson/Nick Carl - Crane
Peter Charron/Mike Phaneuf def. Mark Chapolonis/Ryan Sullivan - Crane

Keith Burtt def. Julie Ferdella - Buff (Crane receives bonus penalty point)
Milton Morse def. Kelly Conroy - Buff
Peter Bean def. Jeff Fleury - Buff
Matt Kobel/Peter Givens def. Kyle Moriarty/Eric Kretschmar - Buff
Steve Economos/Joe Yaskis def. Jeff Lingenfelter/Josh Belliveaux - Buff
JayNo/Donny Tellier def. Cam Gallant/Jordan Leckey - Buff

Crane Hill 10 (9 points plus bonus)
Buffumville 9

Maine BSR (2) vs. Cranbury (3)

Maureen McErlean def. Sasha Stetson - Cran
Jeff Tavolacci def. Chris Lemieux - Cran
Joe Gara def. Andrew Wilcox - Cran
Adam Hunt/Derek Libby def. Nick Blouin/Mike Abbott - Cran
Bard Soleng/Jeff Cahill def. Cooper Legee/Matt Enman - Cran
Bobby Cowperthwait/Connor Healy def. Tyler Grady/Patrick O'Connell - Cran

MJ Davis def. Christine Glowa - BSR
Brian Brewer def. Sean Bednarz - BSR
Mitchell Blodgett def. Whit Cooper - BSR
Billy Schreiber/Alex Olsen def. Sean Healy/Marvin Manalo - BSR

Chris Gluchoski and Bobby Brooks - Push
Mario Rodriguez and Andrew Jones - Push
Chris Scofield/Johnny Cooper and Jamie White/Josh Douin - Push

Cranbury 11
Maine BSR 7

Round 3

Crane Hill (1) vs. Cranbury (3)

Kelly Conroy def. Chris Gluchoski - Crane Hill
Chris Barden def. Jeff Tavolacci - Crane Hill
Drew Gardner def. Jorge Gutierrez - Crane Hill
Juano Flores def. Joe Gara - Crane Hill
Kyle Moriarty def. Sean Bednarz - Crane Hill
Jay Paul def. Hector Melendez - Crane Hill
Cam Gallant/Jordan Leckey def. Chris Scofield/Johnny Cooper - Crane Hill
Jeff Lingenfelter/Josh Belliveaux def. Marvin Manalo/Sean Healy - Crane Hill
Peter Charron/Eric Kretschmar def. Bard Soleng/Jeff Cahill - Crane Hill
Jeff Fleury/Mike Phaneuf def. Adam Hunt/Derek Libby - Crane Hill

Kevin Lane def. Julie Ferdella - Cranbury (Crane Hill receives bonus penalty point)
Maureen McErlean def. Carli Bennett - Cranbury
Mario Rodriguez def. Micah Franzman - Cranbury
Whit Cooper def. Steve Tousignant - Cranbury
Bobby Cowperthwait/Connor Healy def. Chris Howard/Nate Eckhoff - Cranbury

Crane Hill 15 (14 points plus penalty)
Cranbury 6

Crane Hill wins 2017 NETC A Pool Championship

Additional notes:
1. Maine BSR and Buffumville played doubles for third place cash. I apologize to both teams for not getting the matchups and/or results, but Buffumville won.

2. Cranbury apologizes for the lunch order SNAFU. The food arrived late, and we understand Buff did not get theirs at all. That's an oversight that just can not happen.

3. This was the final Finals for Todd Lapham as commissioner for NETC. Unfortunately Todd left before the last round, and before any of us could give him a proper send-off. I wish he had been there by my side to hand off the trophy to Pete and Kretsch.

4. Congratulations are in order for Crane Hill. Beyond gracious in victory. They were the hungriest team all season. They earned the #1 seed and a bye in their final home match against BSR, where a loss could've potentially sent them to the #5 seed. They earned a redemption victory against their primary rival, and as bitter a pill as it is for me and my team, Crane is every bit deserving to call themselves the champs.

5. Maine BSR came to finals ready to prove themselves after winning C and B Pool in consecutive years. Though they came up short in the semi-finals, they are a young, deep, and uber talented squad, and will be a force for years to come.

6. The A Pool bids farewell to Maine WV and Borderlands for the 2017-18 season. Both teams are more than worthy of their place in A Pool, so we wish them well in B Pool next year.

7. Wickham and NASA earned the promotions back to the A Pool after being relegated last year. We welcome them back up to the top, and we collectively look forward to the coming battles in the fall.

As Joe Gara would sign off, peace, love, and frisbee.
PJ's mindgames do not penetrate my fortress of solitude
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