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A Pool Finals 2016

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Location: Pyramids Disc Golf Course

Date: Saturday, April 9th, 2016


    Round 1: Matchups at 7:30AM, tee at 8:00AM.
    • Team 3 v Team 6; Team 4 v 5; Teams 1 and 2 get byes.

    **Time cap - no hole to start after 11:00 AM, or 3 hours after start**

    Round 2: Matchups at 11:15AM, tee at 11:45.
    • Team 1 v lowest remaining Team from round 1; Team 2 v highest remaining Team from round 1.
    **Time cap - no hole to start after 2:45PM, or 3 hours after start**

    Round 3 / FINALS: Matchups at 3 PM, tee at 3:30PM


  • Singles - Silvers (Match Play)
  • Doubles - Golds (Stroke Play)


  • Singles victory is worth 1 point.
  • Doubles victory is worth 2 points.
  • All ties will be halved in the first two rounds.
    • Finals will play out all ties.


1. Cranbury
2. Crane Hill
3. Burgess
4. Buffumville
5. Maine
6. Maple Hill

(# of players) -- Singles/Doubles breakdown

20 -- 10 singles/5 doubles
19 -- 9 singles/5 doubles
18 -- 8 singles/5 doubles
17 -- 9 singles/4 doubles
16 -- 8 singles/4 doubles
15 -- 7 singles/4 doubles
14 -- 6 singles/4 doubles
13 -- 7 singles/3 doubles
12 -- 6 singles/3 doubles

Miscellaneous Information:

Greens Fees:

  • $67 per team
    • Each captain is responsible for collecting from their team and giving the money to Lick.


  • Highest seed (best) gets to choose to put up first or not.
  • Captains do matchups in any order they prefer.
    • Can put up either singles or doubles until all singles/doubles slots are filled.

Starting holes:

  • Higher seed (best) starts on front 9.
  • Lower seed starts on back 9.


  • Women play against each other.
    • Up to captains to decide if it's singles or doubles.
      • If no agreement is made, it's how they are thrown out in matchups.

Lost Discs:

  • Please start the clock (3 minutes) immediately if there's a lost disc. Time is not on our side and we can't be wasting too much time looking for discs.


  • We need a spotter on 13, if you'd like to volunteer please let us know!


  • Each team is responsible for themselves.
    • Keep in mind that it's a fairly quick turnaround between rounds so something quick is recommended.

  • 1st Place: $1600
  • 2nd Place: $1000
  • 3rd Place: $600
Team Burgess

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A Pool Finals Results

First Round

(3) Burgess v. (6) Maple

Ralph def. Cuzzz (B)
Sarah/Erica def. Wendy/Erin (B)
J-Ro/Joel def. Aucoin/Jenkins (B)
Harrington/King def. Cyr/Gordon (B)

Williston def. Redlund (M)
Fleming def. Hedderig (M)
Zoro def. Vermillion (M)
Devon def. Pleso (M)
Valis def. Jamie (M)
LaForce/Lyons def. Todd/Danny (M)
KG/Dodge def. Paul/Lucas (M)

Sroka and Irvine pushed
Shahin and Drew pushed
Streeter and Tewks pushed

Maple 10.5 Burgess 8.5

(4) Buffumville v. (5) Maine

Hickson def. Cole (B)
Connor def. Toothy (B)
Mindy def. Pickle (B)
Amanda def. Sam (B)
Yak/Person def. Fowlie/Sheets (B)

Ken def. Tim (M)
Sellers def. Milton (M)
Darby def. DJ (M)
Jimmy B./Thibeault def. Kobel/Burtt (M)
Dore/Biggers def. Nourse/Gage (M)
Olsen/Dunlap def. Sullivan/S Eco (M)

Stanton and Bean pushed
Billy/Brendan tied Nick C./Donnie (M)

Maine 10.5 Buffumville 7.5

Second Round

(1) Cranbury v. (6) Maple

Libby def. Williston (C)
Bednarz def. Fleming (C)
Healy def. Zoro (C)
Kevin def. Cuzzz (C)
Scofield/Mini def. LaForce/Lyons (C)
Cahill/Tavo def. Aucoin/Jenkins (C)
Bobby/Marvin def. KG/Dodge (C)
Bard/Hunt def. Whitey/Valis (C)

Wendy def. Jenny (M)
Sroka def. Hector (M)
Devon def. Whit (M)
Cyr/Gordon def. Mario/Gara (M)

Glucose and Shahin pushed

Cranbury 12.5 Maple 5.5

(2) Crane Hill vs. (5) Maine

Lingenfelter def. Cole (C)
Drew def. Stanton (C)
Carli def. Sam (C)
Pete/Micah def. Fowlie/Sheets (C)
Wads/Kretsch def. Dunlap/Olsen (C)
Nate/Howie def. Dore/Biggers (C)
Fleury/Tous def Jimmy B/Thibeault (C)
Cam/Andy def. Toothy/Brendan (C)

Ken def. Kelly (M)
Billy def. Juano (M)
Darby def Binley (M)

Sellers and Phaneuf pushed
Pickle and Jujee pushed

Crane Hill 14 Maine 4

Championship Round

(1) Cranbury vs. (2) Crane Hill
Cranbury elected to play all 19 guys against Crane Hill's 18 guys and 1 girl, as Jenny Steichen injured her throwing hand during her match against Wendy. Cranbury granted the penalty bonus point to Crane Hill via the Bednarz/Jujee match.

Glucose def. Binley (Cran)
Whit def. Landek (Cran)
Libby def. Barden (Cran)
Hector def. Kelly (Cran)
Bednarz def. Jujee (Cran)
Bobby def. Lingenfelter (Cran)
Scofield/Mini def. Pete/Micah (Cran)
Marvin/Healy def. Fleury/Tous (Cran)
Bard/Hunt def. Cam/Andy (Cran)

Phaneuf def. Smolin (Crane)
Leckey def. Kevin (Crane)
Drew def. Jorge (Crane)
Wads/Kretsch def. Mario/Gara (Crane)
Nate/Howie def. Cahill/Tavo (Crane)

Cranbury 12 Crane Hill 8

Cranbury wins the 2015-2016 TC A Pool Finals
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look at all those results!
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