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Workbook to make TC scoring on match day simplified

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Update: This has been moved out of captains thread. Probably didn't belong there.
Workbook has been updated with some new functionality. Now the drop down lists of players will get smaller as you add people to matches. This causes warnings. They can be ignored, it's just the best I could do for now. I've also worked on cleaning up the output that you would copy and paste into your post with the results. Some tweaks have yet to come but overall should save a ton of time even in its current form. I will update this post if anything gets added removed. See below to see a sample output of what this workbook can do for you. Note: this is a new version of the workbook I posted yesterday. If you happened to save a copy yesterday, it's now out of date. The link below is the most up to date version. So download your own copy to play with. I have yet to make it a true blank template while I test things

:From my original post: I had a little extra time on my hands and decided to automate as much as I could in relation to scoring and tracking.
I personally don't like hand writing stuff down so I thought a spreadsheet for now would be the best way I could do it. Not only that I could duplicate this across the season and track results for each match.
Anyways- the spark notes- Set the home team and away team, set rosters and availability. Builds drop downs based on rosters for easier matchmaking. Write scores and it will calculate points for you (because lets face it, 1+1 can be difficult). At the end, it will make a friendly view so you can paste your results here. Tried to keep it as simple as I can. Feel free to download it and tweak it as you see fit. If you tweak it, let me know I'd love to see what you did!

Please let me know if you think it's a useful tool! ... sp=sharing

Using this tool can save you time in writing out your results to post to the forum. If you use this while doing matchmaking and score taking, it will do the annoying work for you automagically.... It will populate and format the following match results (deleted half the results because I'm sure you get the point after reading 1 or 2 lines). To get started, all you need to fill out is team names, rosters and eventually matchups and scores. It will do most of the rest!

Top O @ Pelham
Singles Match Play
Billy Crane def Dan Albert 6-4 Pelham
Ben Winchell def Hank Davis 2-1 Pelham
Vijay Kakkad def Isaac Kipp 1up Pelham
Aj Jasper def Tony Webb 1up Pelham
Pelham 7.5 : Top O 6.5
Doubles Stroke Play
Isaac Kipp/Tony Webb def Vijay Kakkad/Mark Ravenelle 49-53 Top O
Adam Baney/Ben Winchell def Hank Davis/Tucker Davis 46-47 Pelham
Charlie Veysey/Dan Albert def Jim Wirwille/Fred Lusky 45-50 Top O
Pelham 6 : Top O 8
Final Results
Top O 14.5
Pelham 13.5
Pelham players not available
Hanna LaRochelle
Jordan Wagner
Matt Stolarz
Top O players not available
Alan Gofberg
Bryan Lake
Casey Besaw
Chris Wentzell
Team Pelham

Posts: 30
It probably looks kinda pointless without edit rights.
So I've opened it for edits to anyone.
If you mess around and find you like it, I can send you a clean template
All changes are final. I'll check it once and a while and restore it back to original if it gets super messed up
Team Pelham

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