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Post Sun Jan 11, 2015 10:35 pm

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Here's an idea that just ran thru my mind:


Q: How do we picks the all star teams?
A: Each team votes in x amount of players to be selected to each all star team.

Q: How many all star teams?
A: Two. One from the North and one from the South.

Q: Which teams get to vote in players to be on the All Star Teams?
A: Teams that make the playoffs in the A,B & C pools. 2 from A pool, 2 from B pool and 1 from C pool.

Q: How many players on each All Star team?
A: Roughly 20-25 (I think)

Q: Why even entertain this idea?
A: Team Challenge has a talent pool that is tremendously deep spread over three pools. It would be amazing to see the cream recognized for rising to the top and have a throw down that each individual on each team could strive to be a part of.

This would be an epic battle. I could work out logistics. It could create an annual event that would be a party of all parties. Very spectator friendly.

Team Maple Hill

Post Sun Jan 11, 2015 10:36 pm

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More details to be posted here.
Bring it.
Team Maple Hill

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