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Farmers Daughter Open/Ladies Divisional ChampionshipMay13/14

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The Farmers Daughter - May 13th - CR Farms - PDGA B Tier Women only tournament
Ladies Divisional Championship - May 14th - BSR - TC Women only event

This year I have teamed up with Ashley Severy to make one heck of a weekend in Maine during the month of May.

On Saturday, May 13th, the Farmers Daughter Open will be held at CR Farms in West Gardnier, ME. Ashley is still working on the registration link, however when it becomes available I will make sure everyone who wants it gets it.

The Ladies Divisional Championship will be held on the following day, May 14th at BSR in North Yarmouth ME.
This event will take the form of Team Challenge with one round of singles match play and one round of doubles stroke play. There is no registration link, all you have to do to get in is message me on here or on facebook to let me know you are interested in attending (lezlie jumanji on facebook).

The idea is to go up Saturday, May 13th, play an awesome, competitive tournament, camp at KOA or BSR, practice the course, maybe do some hiking or fishing and then maybe some glow golf and partying. Wake up nice and hungover and play some BSR. You can also of course just go up and play the Farmer's Daughter, just come up and play glow, or just the LDC, its your thing, do what you wanna do.

The Ladies Divisional Championship is an extremely beginner friendly event as we can match you up against other girls that haven't been playing as long as some of these vets. Last year we had 14 ladies who had never played an event and were brand new to the sport in general and they all had a blast, met some new peeps and learned from the vets.

GLOW GOLF - Will be held at BSR, on May 13th. Will consist of a modified 9 holes of BSR and about $300 worth of glow stuff. :D You wanna see this. Pictures don't do it justice. Depending on how many people we get, I could setup a $5 random dubs glow round.

CAMPING - Ashley is in the process of working with KOA in Richmond, ME, on rates to stay there. KOA has WIFI, a 9 hole disc golf course, mini golf, fishing, and a dog park. Camping will also be available at BSR, however I believe the amount of people camping there is limited so please let me know if you want to camp there because it is first come, first serve.

Farmers Daughter Open Fee: ????
KOA Camping: ?????
Ladies Divisional Fee: $6, but $1 goes towards CTP
Camping at BSR: Free!

Here is a list of females who have responded to the message I sent out, confirming that they interested in the respective events:

Interested in coming to both the Farmers Daughter Open and the Ladies Divisional Championship:

1. Val Lucas
2. Kristen Marsters
3. Eleanor Anne
4. Allison Johnson
5. Ashley Severy (duh :lol: )
6. Nicole Dionisio
7. Ashley Jollimore
8. Erica Johnson
9. Alicia Vilnave
10. Kelly Jenkins
11. Fallon Enman
12. Jeanie Desaulnier
13. Renee Bylund
14. Nicole Tourig
15. Ashley Mills
16. Christine Glowa
17. Corinn Keblinsky
18. Wendy Boutin
19. Dena Laudon
20. Michelle Vega
21. Megan Norton
22. Nicole Russell
23. Sue Streeter
24. Bridget Sullivan
25. Jessie Brooks
26. Molly Krauss
27. Jamie Nolan
28. Chandra Hall
29. Cheneille Young
30. Amanda Latty
31. Rose Shertick, Saturday work though
32. Chantal Gibson
33. Julie Ferdella
34. Chanel Smith
35. Deanna Gurney
36. Sher Reed
37. Eileen Redshaw
38. Hannah LaRochelle
39. Sylvia Chaves
40. Catherine McDevitt
41. Carly Underwood
42. Kiara Dudley
43. KG Dudley
44. Brittany Bergquist
45. Kim Ricciardone
46. Crystal Burnham
47. Hannah Croke
48. Stephanie Kym
49. Julie Footer
50. Kaye Harper
51. Kara Ceinski
52. Betsy Mallett Vaughn
53. Lee Marshal

List of girls who expressed interest in the LDC only:
Kim Kriser
Allison Renee
Kristina Draeger
Alison Burns
Cara Baker
Jenn Gallerani
Kristi Raymond
Nancy Alexander
Jessica Beckett
Crystal Burnham
Amanda Williams
Mindy Lafountaine
Patti Groover
Sasha Stetson
Kristi Bayer
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We are up to 35 for both events!!!!!
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Over 60 ladies signed up for the LDC!!!!

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Still Shirtless after all these years, but I converted to Scientology

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